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Guillemot Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of interactive entertainment hardware and accessories, offering a wide range of diversified products under the Hercules brand name for audio devices.

For over 30 years, we have focused on innovating and developing digital audio solutions which continue to inspire users with endless new ...

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Ali Scott
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It’s Your Turn: Hercules Launches Complete System to Turn Aspiring DJs into Masters of the Booth

DJ educational hardware heavyweights launch several new controllers, AI-powered software features, and educational resources to create a wholistic learning environment for aspiring DJs.

Hercules has an extensive history of commitment to DJs just starting to master the techniques to keep the dance floor packed. Where the first stages of a DJ’s development often feel like afterthoughts in other controllers’ lines, Hercules keeps this crucial phase center stage.

With its new line and reimagined educational resources, it has reaffirmed this devotion with a complete system for learning to master beats, elevate the energy in the room, and get the crowd dancing. As they progress, DJs can ease away from the guides and suggestions, as they become more fluent in the art.

New controllers out this autumn (preorders start September 27, 2018; available late October) include:

Inpulse line: The Inpulse controllers guide learning DJs where to go next, at a great price. The line includes the compact Inpulse 200 ($99.99; 16.6 x 7.7 in) and the larger, more advanced Inpulse 300 ($199.99; 18.9 x 11.2 in).

Both Inpulse controllers set DJs up for rapid progress, ditching crutches like the automix function in favor of real learning. The design is laser-focused on cultivating good DJ habits and super skills, so that users can move to more sophisticated controllers or analog DJing whenever they’re ready (or keep creating great sets with their Inpulse).

These controllers feature a coordinated set of unique features, including generously sized jog wheels that mimic the feel of vinyl records to help teach scratching, lighted dials and buttons that aid in beat matching and track selection, and carefully designed recessed features that prevent accidental bumps.

The DJ Starter Kit: It’s a ticket to DJ mastery in a box. The Starter Kit comes with the compact  DJControl Starlight controller, DJuced 40 software, Hercules HDP M40.1 headphones, and two DJMonitor 32 speakers, ready to plug and play at a price point ideal for gift giving ($179.99). Weighing in around 10 pounds, the Starter Kit impresses with its substantial sound and fun lights. It can be set up in minutes and is the first DJ starter kit to include a full version of Serato DJ Lite.

Woven into the new releases is the AI-based Intelligent Music Assistant, part of Hercules’ DJuced software, a unique feature to Hercules products. The Intelligent Music Assistant offers just the right track recommendation for a seamless set. Its suggestions are not only based on simple audio parameters like BPM, but also on more contextual “vibe” and energy, to help DJs shift the set’s mood. No other controller/software combination has this power.

The Intelligent Music Assistant and helpful hardware features get you started, but Hercules wanted to take DJs instructions to the next level. To get them there, the company crafted a series of instructional guides and videos to make learning DJ techniques like beat matching a breeze, as part of its robust DJ Academy. The Academy’s video resources are incorporated into its DJuced software as tutorials. This reduces distractions and makes them perfect for offline, on-the-fly education.

Hercules controllers have long been the place to start for those dreaming of DJing. Their functionality, budget-friendliness, and compact size make them an easy choice for first (and second and third) controllers. Now the France-based company has fully embraced its support of a DJ’s first steps, launching a complete DJ educational solution.

“We’ve incorporated educational resources into everything we’ve built, into the hardware, software, and tutorials,” explains François Garet, a DJ and music project director at Hercules. “We use our own experience and the challenges we have faced mastering the techniques of DJing to inspire our education of others. This is where we have really innovated, pioneering a series of new features for beginners that have now been imitated across the market.” Hercules continues innovating as the leader of DJ educational hardware, with one goal: turning fans into DJs, so everyone can take their turn.