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Guillemot Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of interactive entertainment hardware and accessories, offering a wide range of diversified products under the Hercules brand name for audio devices.

For over 30 years, we have focused on innovating and developing digital audio solutions which continue to inspire users with endless new ...

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Ali Scott
812-339-1195 x 204

Epic Education: Hercules Teams up with the Epic Proportions Tour to Open up the World of Music and DJing to Young Audiences

DJs may be the new rock stars, but they are also powerful educators. That’s why Hercules, the controllers designed to get everyone DJing, has teamed up with Epic Proportions Tour as a sponsor for their music-driven educational tour.

This autumn, the Epic Proportions Tour and Hercules will bring three hard-hitting but teen-friendly acts to high schools and venues across the U.S., in a mix of hands-on educational programs and lit sets. This year’s tour features heartfelt, catchy pop-rock from People Who Could Fly, DJ Teffler, and EPT’s founder, Gabe Kubanda.

Teffler has been advocating for Hercules controllers and is bringing his skills to teens with EPT. “In addition to speaking with the kids and showing them the system and the controller, he's DJing at the start and end of each concert, and also doing a song with both bands,” explains Kubanda. “For example, we are covered one of our favorite Twenty One Pilots song ‘Ride.’ Teffler and I start it out, I'm playing acoustic guitar and he's triggering samples, then the full band comes in piece by piece, and Teffler is live mixing and pulling samples in and out and it sounds incredible!  It's a fun mashup of electronic and live instruments.”

The shows, in-class discussions, and workshops are not just educational, but also a lot of fun. The mix of the two made Hercules excited to back the tour, which reaches an average of 250,000 young people per season. The programming is free for schools yet uncompromising in quality, with a professional crew and frequent stops at major festivals from SXSW to Reeperbahn.

This combination of values also resonated with Hercules. “We design our controllers with DJs of all levels in mind, but we’re particularly excited to put high-quality intuitive tools in the hands of aspiring DJs,” explains Tim Gorham of Hercules. “We have DJs on our product development team, and we design our equipment to educate and empower the next generation of electronic music creators.” Hercules controllers’ entry-level price point, durable build, and intuitive software and hardware elements all add up to a gateway to the world of DJing.

“The Epic Proportions Tour is about getting young people engaged and helping them see the arts and music as a valid outlet for their passion, as well as a very real career path,” explains Kubanda. “We try to convey the discipline, critical thinking, and sheer hard work involved, while talking about music making and inspiring teens to get serious about music.