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Consider a Hercules Inpulse 500 for Your DJ Needs

Hercules has already made some powerful DJ controllers for beginners, but now this company is upping its game with the Inpulse 500, a two-deck USB controller that doubles as an audio interface as well as an input mixer to handle audio sources. Whether you're connected to Serato DJ Lite or inputting audio from your smartphone, the Inpulse 500 has all the connections and built-in tools you need to get the party started.

You'll find large jog wheels that offer touch detection for scratching, as well as 16 backlit RGB pads for queueing effects and launching clips. Create smooth transitions and fades, or engage in wild filter sweeps.

The mixer itself offers a panoply of connection points, such as a balanced microphone input, RCA, 3.5mm, and 1/4" jacks. With a dedicated AUX FILTER knob, you can even add effects to auxiliary sounds from media players or compatible smartphones. Need a USB interface? The Inpulse 500 has you covered, with VELVET SOUND AKM DSP that sounds great on the inputs and outputs.

The Inpulse 500 also has tools that will make you sound like a pro, such as BEATMAP Guide Lights to help you sync up tracks, as well as an intelligent assistant. Dubbed the IMA for “intelligent music assistant,” this feature can suggest the most appropriate tracks from your music library to play next. If you have a subscription to SoundCloud GO+, TIDAL, QOBUZ, or Beatport LINK, you can even spin music from the Web!

Great thought has been put into this controller, from all the aforementioned features to the build quality itself, which makes use of a sturdy metal plate, non-slip feet, underside cable management, and genuine rubber pads to bolster playability and durability. Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED are both included when you buy the Inpulse 500.

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