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Hercules Launches New DJ Monitor 5 for the Holidays

Hercules, the maker of ergonomic DJ, Music and electronic gear announces the launch of their new M5 monitors.

Starting at $299 this two-speaker bundle is composed of Kevlar composite woofers and metal membrane tweeters. These 5-inch woofers have balanced dual bass ports, enclosures crafted of high-density MDF, 80 watts RMS output power per speaker all packed into a compact design perfect for any space.

Compact yet powerful, Hercules Monitor 5 stand apart from their competitors.

Active, bi-amplified monitoring speakers.
80 watts of output power per speaker, with 160 watts of peak power.
Silk-dome tweeter: 30 watts RMS.
5-inch/12.7-cm woofer with Kevlar membrane: 50 watts RMS.
2.The speakers are ergonomically designed and fit in perfectly with any environment.

Dual bass ports on the front of each speaker allow Hercules Monitor 5 to perfectly adapt to any environment, including smaller spaces. The speakers can be positioned in a variety of different ways: up against a wall, laid flat, standing up straight, or stacked one on top of the other.
On/off button with built-in LED on the front of each speaker.
Volume control knob on the front of each speaker.
3.The Hercules Monitor 5 speakers are incredibly versatile.

With their different input options including XLR, 1/4”/6.35 mm jack (TRS) and RCA connectors, you can easily connect the speakers to all your devices —including a computer, sound card, DJ equipment, mixer, etc.
The speakers are perfect for learning how to mix, producing your first music tracks, and for multimedia creation as well.
They can also be used as high-quality general multimedia speakers (with a TV set, for example).
Admittedly, up until now, Hurcules is not a company that has been on our radar, but based on what we have seen in their specifications, the M5s will be an interesting competitor to the popular KRK RoKit RP6, so we are excited to give them a try.

More information on Hercules M5 can be found on their website at: