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CONFESSION: Hello my name is Shortee & I'm an Over-Preparer.

CONFESSION: Hello my name is Shortee & I'm an Over-Preparer. Those who know me well know that my addiction is certifiable. Especially when it involves performance, such as DJing & Acting. I never fully feel "prepared" unless I over-prepare. But even then, I will prepare until the last millisecond before I step on stage. (Swipe to the last pic to see me practicing in-flight!)⁠

This obvs applies to technical skills like scratching & juggling that require a physical warm-up sesh, but most def also with mixing. Whether it's putting together new mix ideas or running through my go-to mix sets just to keep them fresh in my mind; my obsessive propensity to practice extends far beyond my studio & into the valuable time spent flying on a plane before my next gig. ⁠

Enter the @Hercules_djmixroom Starlight @Serato DJ Controller: Before I got this lil' handy 'prep addiction enabler' I could be seen trying to balance my Rane DJ mixer IN MY LAP mid-flight while travelling to my next gig. ⁠

In fact, dating back to the early 2000s, Serato reps can attest to me literally begging them to create a tiny little controller for me to practice on the plane. I even had a name for this sought after invention: "The Shortee" (...because, duh!?!)⁠

This prep addiction also extends into my hotel rooms as I've been known to skip meals & precious zzz's before a show just to get the last few mins of practice in before my set. ⁠

Same goes for recording a new mix, something I'm doing as we speak. And sometimes I just don't wanna get my butt off the couch to stand for hours on end in front of my turntables just to put mix ideas together. ⁠

Here's an example of how I fuel my prep addiction along with a sneak peak of some fun #DoubleDrop mixes I'm including on my next #DrumAndBass mixes. Yes that's plural -- Not one but TWO brand new mixes that feature some of my all-time fave #DnB tracks from the last 5 years. ⁠(Too much good music!)⁠

Hope you dig the sneak preview! Happy practicing!⁠


p.s. Want me to teach you how to mix? I teach DJ lessons in my LA studio & online via zoom! 🎶🎧🎶 ⁠

Sign up for private lessons at (🖱Link in bio! 😘) ⁠