Press Clipping
A short routine I did (in my kitchen)

Here’s an example of a short routine I did (in my kitchen) using the functions of this compact portable DJ controller @hercules_djmixroom & @serato:
1. Cued up right platter and pressed play to bring in intro of instrumental
2. Scratched in Phife Dawg drop
3. Looped 1-beat of the outro using “peace”
4. Used volume fader to bring down gain and improvise a “fade-out”
5. Quickly loaded up ATCQ acapella on left platter
6. Hit Cue 1 “Yeah y’all” prior to beat drop
7. Hit Cue 2 to bring in ATCQ acapella and adjusted the tempo by speeding up platter
8. Hit Cue 3 “Ooh”
9. Clicked the Bass/Filter swap option to activate filter function
10. Applied filter on the instrumental in synchrony with vocals
11. Looped 1-beat of “yeah” and lowered volume to improvise a “fade-out”
This is an amazing TOOL for DJs of all skill levels. Taking it on vacation in a few weeks. It’s all about how you choose to utilize the tools that you have!