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How to DJ with a laptop

Lately, one of the most interesting entertainment jobs is being a DJ. Almost every event requires someone who is going to be in charge of music; from weddings to birthdays, to prom, to hangovers, just name it. All these events need the music element to spice them up, and a DJ is responsible, to an extent for how the spirit of the event is going to be; Whether high or low.

Djing is actually not overly difficult. With the right training and the right equipment, coupled with constant practice, one is bound to totally pull off any Djing job at one’s disposal. This article aims to talk about Djing, not just Djing, but doing so with a laptop. Doing this is actually not as demanding as it’s going to be with the use of turntables.

Where to start

In time past, becoming a DJ required you having turntables and a mixer at your disposal. You also needed to be at the top of your game in making sure two vinyl records played in a synchronized manner. Not everyone could get to this length because of its demanding nature and cost. Luckily, nowadays, Djing even got better, easier, cheaper and more accessible with the introduction of Djing technology which has made Dj controlling easy.

Due to the plethora of options you have at your disposal, it may, however, be confusing as to how to start or with what to start. This write up aims at examining all those possible questions that come across one’s mind just before one gets into Djing.

Due to the fact that now you are working with a system, that would mean you need software on which the Djing process would run. The question now is, which software is the best option. There is a great magnitude of software available in the market and though they might all seem equal, some are more equal than others. That is to say that the quality of some and what you can achieve with them outweigh others when compared.

There are the top guns in the software market; those that have dominated for a while now; Traktor and Serato, first of these two is also an awesome DJ controller. Though they might differ in outlook, there is really no wide disparity in what they both have to offer. These two have a lot to offer, but I wouldn’t go deep into them while I neglect the sole purpose of this article.

In addition to these two softwares, is the rekordbox DJ software which has been highly influenced by both the Traktor and Serato. Having gotten a suitable software, what next? You might probably get a DJ splitter cable, which is important to the setup of any DJ.

Basic skills

You actually should be able to learn your keyboard shortcuts and be able to use them with so much dexterity because you are a DJ and everyone’s eyes are on you almost impatiently so you can satisfy them. So you need speed and dexterity and that is gotten by being very familiar with your shortcuts.

Customization of your mappings is also very expedient, making it yours and under your control. It’s something that most DJ software makes possible, and it is something that can be learned.

Drawing from the fact that as a DJ, you need speed and dexterity, because most times things are happening so fast, you have to learn to be in control, not only of your equipment but of people. One of the ways of doing this is changing the rate of key repeat. Changing it in a way that it is responsive with so much alacrity.


Having a good stand with a suitable height cannot be overemphasized, you need to get a stand on which your laptop balances and which gives you easy movement and connection with everything you need to connect with

Having good equipment, cables and backups at your disposal. Some times, the unpredictable could happen, and that means the show is over for you? That should not be the case, as a DJ you should at least have a backup plan for every equipment you use so in case any unforeseen circumstances arise, you are still in control.

The use of very good DJ sound cards is also very important to you Djing with a laptop. It adds to the overall outlook of you as a DJ.

Having talked about the equipment, it is important to talk about you as a DJ, because if the DJ is not effective, there’s no way the equipment can produce adequate results.

We’re all humans

You have to be confident as a DJ and be able to adequately carry people along and meet their needs at every point in time. If you posses a lot of skill with little or no confidence, someone with average skill and a lot of confidence might be the preferred choice. So, while you work on the effectiveness of your hands, also work on the effectiveness of your mind.

Consistency is also important. Training behind closed doors is not a bad idea at all. That way, you are able to learn tricks and gimmicks which you would be able to deliver when you face a crowd of entertainment-hungry people.

It is also nice to have different folders for different genres of songs as well as oldies and the latest songs. There are times when the oldies would come in handy and there are times when ears are hungry for the latest jams. You being familiar with these things make you a sought after DJ.

Finally, you could get familiar with other DJs as well as attend shows where other DJs would be in charge, even if you are not going to take the stage. This way, you are exposed to new things and it’s all part of your getting better process. Also, you should be alert and readily available for opportunities that would come your way. Not every opportunity would come to your doorstep, you have to go out of your way some times, to get what you want.

With all these things put in mind and in action, you are able to effectively DJ with a laptop and be such a DJ that is able to hold people spellbound.