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The Best DJ Controller for Beginners

Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 300

Here’s another one of our favorite picks as the best starter DJ controllers. This almost beat out our top spot because of the affordability and overall functions, as well as having some nice jog wheels, further DJ controller needs such as cue, loop, and max, and of course, some nice performance pads on top of it all. We’re no stranger to Hercules DJ gear as we’ve been reviewing their new models each year for quite a while now. This particular DJ controller for beginners has some of the most positive reviews we’ve read on the net and it’s a bit cheaper, so if you’re looking to save some money and can sacrifice the pads it’s of very high quality. The wheels are solid and the mixing unit works as intended, and you also get a DJ software called DJUCED (which isn’t as widespread as Virtual DJ or others but is very effective — we’ve used it quite a lot). Take a look at this if you want to save some money. Read our Inpulse 300 review for some more info if it peaks your interest.