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16 gift ideas for the tech-obsessed person in your life

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300

Give the gift of music to the budding DJ in your life, with this fully-featured DJ controller that’s been redesigned for entry-level learners. Now all DJ controllers let you mix two tracks together, but normally beatmatching is a lot of frustration before you get it right and drop that sick beat. With the Inpulse’s on-controller arrow guides for Beatmatching, Tempo and Beat Align, your budding Tiesto will be throwing shapes behind the DJ booth in no time.

The included DJUCED software syncs with the Intelligent Music Assistant in the controller to analyze your music library and suggest tracks that will mesh well with the current track, so you can get a leg up on learning. I’ve been playing around with one for a couple of weeks now, and while my “ear” is still developing, I’m loving how well the Inpulse 300 guides me through the mix.