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32 Best Big Kid Toys: The Ultimate List (2018)

The Hercules DJ Control Impulse 300 is one of our absolute favorite new gifts for big kids in 2018. If they're super into music and have shown interest in making music of their own, check out the Impulse 300.

It uses light guides and assists to help teach users to mix their own music with things like Tempo and Beat Align. They can add cool effects and their own sounds into their favorite songs, and can learn how to blend two songs together seamlessly. The IMA (Intelligent Music Assistant) helps along the way, making suggestions as they're playing their music for mixing ideas.

It also has 16 pressure sensitive pads for them to add their own beats and drops, and the Impulse 300 also has scratching capabilities. It's a great learning tool that'll fuel their creative side and interest in music.