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IT'S YOUR TURN: Hercules Ushers in a New Era of DJ Learning

Hercules, known for its innovations and user-friendly products, is back with a new brand identity that’s stronger than ever and more in line with its positioning towards DJ learning. This new design is reflected through an updated website that’s more streamlined and closely integrated with its social media accounts, making it more accessible for customers.

Hercules announces a complete redesign of its image to reflect its unique and successful track record over the nearly 40 years since the brand was founded. Present in over 85 countries, Hercules aims to be more open and in tune with its users worldwide. The first step in this process: a new logo. Out with the box and its iconic polygons (symbols of bygone graphic cards), in with a logo that’s simpler, more accessible and more harmonious. The font created by the Hercules design team is sleeker and lighter, in keeping with the world of music. At the base of the new Hercules logo are three powerful, inseparable triangles that represent the brand’s strength and core values: innovation, authenticity, and passion. Finally, the logo is open, which reaffirms the brand’s vision: music is open to everyone.

Hercules cultivated its reputation for excellence thanks to unique innovations like the launch of the very first DJ controller with an integrated sound card in 2003, the DJConsole, which was a true leap forward. As a specialist in accessible consumer DJ solutions, Hercules has always been committed to serving music lovers, and today the brand wants to go even further. Hercules accompanies music aficionados through their first steps as they learn the art of DJing, by helping them learn the ins and outs and progress with pleasure.

The Hercules rebrand is backed by a new, bold tagline: IT’S YOUR TURN.

IT’S YOUR TURN to get started with ease, mix with confidence, and progress quickly. With Hercules, becoming a DJ has never been easier or more accessible.

To reinforce its strategy, the website has been completely revamped, with a more intuitive interface and a design rooted in the moment. It encourages sharing by featuring a social wall that places the user at the very heart of its strategy. At a time when brands have to be everywhere, faced with multi-channel, multi-product, multi-tasking, multi-everything customers, Hercules is reinventing its website by offering a new experience for music enthusiasts and DJs of all types, whether they’re just getting started or already have experience in DJing.

When you land on the website, you can choose between two different environments: DJ or Audio (featuring the Hercules WAE range of speakers). The redesign is particularly apparent in the DJ section, and especially in DJ learning, with the creation of the Hercules DJ Academy: a fun environment to help users learn DJing techniques and master the basics so they can successfully create their first mixes. Beginners and even experienced DJs will find all the inspiration they need on the pages dedicated to Hercules DJ ambassadors, as well as a soon-to-be-developed section that will feature Hercules users. In addition, the new website has also redesigned the product pages to make them easier to understand and to guide users in choosing the product that’s right for them.