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Review: Hercules DJControl Compact: The Perfect Amateur DJ Controller?

With DJing being an ever-growing passion for musicians and artists, hardware to get going can be costly. In addition to the hardware, one has to have software, a computer, cables, and headphones or monitors. All of this can get to be expensive. Hercules, however, is alleviating the burden a little bit for burgeoning DJs with the budget friendly DJControl Compact controller hardware.

What comes in the box is, the Hercules DJControl Compact, a 35.4" (90cm) USB cable, a quick installation guide, and a paper and online manual.

The DJControl Compact comes with a two deck control surface, with the mixer controls in the center of the console. This allows you to mix two tracks on the fly. You also have the ability to save your mixes as audio files. Additionally, it's powered by USB, so there's no need for an extra cord for power.

The build quality of the DJControl Compact is superb. The knobs turn flawlessly without any resistance; sliders also have no resistance; and the pads are great. I must add that this hardware being super light is a huge bonus. Other "mobile" DJ hardware can be clunky and heavy, but this is not. Hercules didn't sacrifice build quality for weight.

I used the DJControl Compact with my mid 2014 Macbook Pro running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4. I ran into quite a few issues with the software, DJUCED 18, as the software user interface is greatly lacking. It looks as though it hasn't been updated since 2005.

If you're not a fan of the pre-packaged DJUCED 18 software, then you can use the program of your choice, including Traktor, Virtual DJ, or an other MIDI compatible software.

The Hercules DJControl Compact is a powerful piece of hardware. It's lightweight, intuitive, and incredibly simple to setup and get going. You can easily place this in a bag and setup on a table at your friend's pool party in a matter of a minute.

I wasn't a fan of the DJUCED 18 software, as I had issues with it on my machine (and wasn't really a fan of the overall look and feel of it). Furthermore, build quality is solid and well done.

If you're looking at getting into DJing on a budget, then the Hercules DJControl Compact should be on the top of your list.

You can read more information regarding the hardware here. The DJControl Compact will currently goes for $69.99.